Homemade Food In a Hurry

From the heart of New Mexico

Whether you’re new on the scene or one of our regulars of 29+ years, we’ve got just the thing that’ll hit the spot.

Did You Know?

In an attempt to promote tortilla sales, Shirley decided to offer some delicious homemade food to encourage people to try her tortillas. She started by offering a burrito to anyone who stopped by. People really loved the burritos and started bringing their friends by to try one! Word traveled fast, and business increased, though it wasn’t necessarily the tortillas that people kept coming back for… it was the delicious food! And thus Burritos Alinstante was born.


Compose Your Own


delicate mozzarella

Pick from your variety of cheese.


Hot Chilli

Like it spicy? We have many to choose from.


Organic Garlic

Add a little garlic to your burrito.


Hand-made sauce

Made with love.

  • How to Compose Awesome Burrito

    Breakfast Burrito (served until noon)
    Bacon or Chorizo, Eggs, Potatoes, Cheese, & Green Chile
    #1 Carne Adobada, Potatoes, & Cheese

    Skill needed

    Everybody happy!

  • Who to thank?

    Click on our history to learn more we have been in the burrito business for some time. Thanks to loyal customers.